guys, can we please make JFYP a thing??

+Watch the Door - A Wrecking Ball Parody
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pretty sure “stranger 1” is really Mackenzie Zales….
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Been a bit since I posted but happy Wednesday followers! MPGiS party this weekend? Who else is wet in here!?!?
Anonymous said: how did you do the pregnant belly for your saisson maurgarite costume? (not meaning to sound rude ;c)

I used a towel I’m pretty sure hahah (no worries you didn’t sound the least bit rude :D)

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reblogged from one of my faves— 0verland! follow them they post awesome stuff!

Well it looks like I’ve been featured in ANOTHER Friday Fan Video! :D As always thanks Mark and Carlo, the show has absolutely changed my life. When I started this blog I never in a million years would have thought I’d have this many awesome followers, thank you all for following! Be sure to check out the video parody I recently posted of “Let It Go” and stay tuned for more pet cosplays! 

+Let It Out (Let it Go- MPGiS version)

I made a thing… it kind of sucks but you guys will get the humor ;) Love ya! 

Dressing up pets as MPGiS characters (because they weren't watching the door) since 2013.